Ridgefield Supply Company demolition marks beginning of a new era

Ridgefield Supply Company said goodbye to a Prospect Street landmark Friday, May 5, demolishing its old building to make room for a new, expanded storefront.

“While we have always considered ourselves to be among the pillars of our Ridgefield community, the new facility has been designed and built as a more welcoming and convenient shopping experience for homeowners and professional contractors alike,” said Glen Albee, president of Ridgefield Supply. “Convenience means different things to different customers, so our new store provides easy access for strollers and handicap accessibility, ample natural lighting for the storefront and our Benjamin Moore showcase, supplemented with low-energy LEDs and significantly wider aisles.

"We have also expanded our product selection across the board for hardware; power tools; architectural hardware, really every product group. Essentially, the entire building acts like a living-breathing showcase; from the windows, siding, roofing, molding/millwork the products used to build this facility are from the same vendors we carry for sale.”

Albee also said RSCs new building boasts wider product selection, ranging from hardware to power tools to architectural hardware.

The project concept started over seven years ago when Margaret Price’s late father, Louis Price Jr. was President and CEO of the company. They started planning a massive, complete overhaul of the aging facility, which included a new retail store along with 9 other facilities to insure 100% of the lumber & building materials were under cover, protected from the elements. This blueprint was designed to serve customers ranging from homeowners to building contractors, interior designers and paint contractors.

“The building of the new facility was something that Louis firmly believed in,” said Jo-Anne Price.” “Prior to his passing, Louis spoke with Margaret and I at length about this project. He felt it was important to expand in order to keep up with the times. I feel a piece of him in this building and I know he would be proud of the incredible work and people at Ridgefield Supply today.”