Ridgefield SAT scores exceed state average

Ridgefield High students scored significantly higher than the state average on both sections of the SAT. Ridgefield students averaged a collective Math score of 600 out of a possible 800 points, and a collective English Language Arts (ELA) score of 613 out of a possible 800 points. With those sections combined, Ridgefield students scored an average of 1213 out of 1600 points. The state average was 507 Math, and 524 ELA, or 1031 combined.  

College Board now scores the two sections of the SAT on a 400-1600 point-scale, opposed to the 2400 point-scale test administered prior to January of 2016. The essay section of the test is optional, and has three possible scores from 2 through 8. Essay score averages were not available at press time.

Ridgefield’s school district is part of District Reference Group (DRG) A, a state classification meant to evaluate districts based on their socioeconomic status. District A schools are rated as “very affluent, low-need suburban districts.”

While Ridgefield students’ combined average SAT scores were the second lowest among DRG-A school districts, Ridgefield also had the fourth-highest percentage of students who “met or exceeded” state benchmarks in both Math and ELA scores. 77.9% of students met or exceeded the state benchmark in Math, and 93% met or exceeded state benchmarks for ELA. Comparatively, of all Connecticut students only 41.3% met or exceeded benchmarks in Math; 65.4% met or exceeded benchmarks in ELA.

Ridgefield students’ math benchmarks are down from last year, while Language Arts have blipped upwards slightly.

Last year, 80.4% of Ridgefield students met or exceeded state benchmarks for Math, and 92.1% met or exceeded benchmarks for ELA.

To meet or exceed state benchmarks in Math, a student must score between 530 and 800 points on the Math section. For ELA, a student must score between 480 and 800 points.


Ridgefield averaged a slightly lower participation rate in the Connecticut School Day SAT. Out of 420 Ridgefield students, 400, or 95.2%, took the test at school. Overall 38,421 students— 96% of students required to take the test— took the SAT as part of a statewide assessment. This year marks the second year since CT has adopted the statewide SAT as its 11th grade assessment for college readiness.

The Standard Balanced Assessment Curriculum, or SBAC, was done away with beginning last year, in an effort to cut back on the number of standardized tests high schoolers are required to take.