Ridgefield Rotary, Stop & Shop donated $250,000 in food last year

Over three years ago, The Ridgefield Rotary — with the help of Stop & Shop — was able to launch a food drive once a month on Saturday morning.

Under the leadership of Barbara Lane and, with the support of Stop & Shop Manager John Haberern, it quickly grew.

Volunteers from the various RHS and Youth organizations joined the initiative and helped drive even more growth.

The volunteers do a great job standing outside in the cold, rain, snow or heat.

Last year this joint initiative was able to contribute over $250,000 of food contributions, cash cards and gifts to the Town of Ridgefield’s Food Bank.

Tony Phillips, town’s director of Social Services, recognized the initiative with an award this year.

“This venture between Rotary Club, Town Hall, Stop & Shop, and generous neighbors has helped feed hundreds of people over these last three years,” he said. ”All of the proceeds of these monthly drives goes to Ridgefield residents. We share the proceeds of this venture with our seniors, adults and families so that no one in Ridgefield ever needs to go hungry. 

“Stop & Shop has been a wonderful long term partner toward putting food on the table for residents with food insecurity,” he added. ”The Rotary Club has been absolutely wonderful! — month in and month out rain, shine or on a holiday weekend, they are always there supporting our neighbors. 

“Our residents have grown to rely on these food drives, and we are so lucky to have Rotary, Stop & Shop and others at the ready to help keep it going into the future.”

The food is distributed at the pop-up pantries that are either held at St. Stephens or Ballard Green the Monday after each collection.  

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