Ridgefield Rises Against Hunger: High school seniors organize food-packaging event

RHS senior interns, with the help of community volunteers, are organizing an event that will package 10,000 life sustaining meals for people in places of famine, and they are going to do it all in under two hours.

These students are working as a part of Jesse Lee United Methodist Church youth ministry and partnering with the organization Rise Against Hunger to organize a hands-on outreach project called Ridgefield Rises Against Hunger that endeavors to involve the community as a whole.

Rise Against Hunger is a non-profit organization which focuses on providing food and aid to the people of the world who are in great need.

For this event, they are supplying the freeze dried vegetables, protein powder, and rice that we will be packaging. They will then distribute these meals to places in Haiti, parts of Africa, and other areas all over the world.

For this specific project, Interns are responsible for planning and overseeing the event. This involves campaigning to local businesses in search of donations, marketing their project to potential volunteers, and then facilitating the packaging of the meals throughout the event.

The food packaging will take place Saturday, June 10 at Yanity Gym at 10 a.m.

Registration can be found at ridgefieldrises.org and is open until Tuesday, June 6. People of all ages are welcomed.