The Ridgefield Rebels girls softball team hosted a fundraiser for Brooke Blake at a tournament in Westborough, Mass. on Father’s Day weekend.
Brooke was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in 2015.
“Most of the kids on the team have never met Brooke or her family but after having a lousy start to the season, the ‘Believe in Brooke’ signs all around town reminded players that Brooke’s fight is so much more important,” said Susa Surette, who’s daughter plays on the under-12 softball team.
The out-of-state Believe in Brooke fundraiser, created and executed by the girls, raised $828 over the course of two days.
“We are so proud of them but more importantly, we hope it might inspire others to help raise some funds for the Blake family,” said Surette. “I was told that some of the money was immediately used on some medical supplies for Brooke before she comes home.”