Ridgefield Playhouse to participate in Fairfield County’s Giving Day March 1

On March 1st it’s time to “Give Where You Live,” as Fairfield County Community Foundation’s Giving Day kicks off.

Fairfield County’s Giving Day is a powerful 24-hour online fundraising competition that unites our community around local causes close to our hearts.

Last year, the day of giving had extraordinary results: $1,465,246 donated by 13,718 individuals for 414 nonprofits. And, like so many other nonprofits, The Ridgefield Playhouse is participating for a specific reason: to raise money for a new Steinway grand piano and put money into the Bruce Becker Scholarship Fund.

Thanks to an amazing discount from Steinway, The Playhouse was able to buy a beautiful 7’ black grand piano for $80,000, which is $35,000 less than its listed price.

“This is an important investment for The Playhouse” said Allison Stockel, Executive Director. “It will save us money in the long run and help us continue to bring first-rate performers to play here.”

All donations made online at FCGives.org and earmarked for The Playhouse will not only help pay for a the new Steinway piano, but will also go towards the Bruce Becker Scholarship Fund, which allows adults and children to take classes at the Playhouse for free.

Many donors prefer to make donations specifically on Giving Day as there are many times throughout the day called “power hours,” when donations are matched by FCCF.

For more information about The Ridgefield Playhouse visit www.ridgefieldplayhouse.org or call 203-438-5795.