Ridgefield Girl Scouts earn Gold Award

Girl Scouts of Connecticut awarded four RHS Seniors the highest honor in Girl Scouting on Sunday, June 4, 2017. The girls earned their Gold Award, a leadership award earned by less than 6% of all Girl Scouts. The Gold Award project solves community issues and acknowledges the girl’s leadership, commitment, creativity and proactive efforts to make their community and the world a better place. A Ridgefield ceremony will be held on Monday June 12, 2017 at 7 pm at Ridgefield High School where the girls will describe their project in more detail.

Megan Keough bridged the generation gap between teenagers and the elderly. She accomplished this by volunteering at a nursing home along with speaking to various youth organizations in the area, encouraging them to see the benefits of how both generations can prosper from this connection.

Emma Lee wanted to raise awareness amongst her peers about the excellence in the education they receive and to have them think about how they can give back to those less fortunate, on a global scale. She 'Skyped' a school in Africa with Ridgefield 6th graders, gave TED ED talks on this issue and collected books through a book drive for African School Children.

Michelle Legan created booklets for seniors with dementia to help keep their minds active. She held game days and movie nights at community living centers in town. She also realized that sometimes the elderly just wanted someone to talk to and connect with. Her booklets are with various centers and Doctors’ offices.

Nina Moss created a cookbook comprised of nonperishable ingredients that are commonly found in food pantries. She hopes that her cookbook will help people make easy and healthy meals from the food available to them at the food pantry. The cookbook can be found on the Ridgefield Social Services website.