Ridgefield Fathers Club: ‘Grassroots’ group looks to help dads meet other dads

What do dads want to do with their peers? Ridgefield Fathers Club is trying answer that question while promoting and building relationships through social, family, charitable, and networking events.

“We want this to be more of a grassroots organization, not one that’s led from the top down,” said founder and Ridgefield resident Brian Armstrong.

“We’re asking dads what they want to do, and they seem to be responding.”

What started as a kernel of an idea for Armstrong earlier this spring has sprouted into a group with 136 members, and plans for golf outings, family barbecues, rock climbing, go-kart racing, poker, billiards, and wine tours.

“I love my wife but she doesn’t always want to do the things I want to do,” said Armstrong, who moved to town three years ago.

“I know I wanted to meet other dads in town when I moved here,” he added. “I was searching and couldn’t find anything. Finally, I started this group on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and invited some friends that I know.”

The group spread quickly on social media with more than 100 people joining in the first week. But Armstrong, who works as a product manager for HBO, would like to see it keep expanding.

“There are a lot of dads that aren’t on Facebook,” he said. “There are plenty of others who are on but don’t check it very often. I’d liked to get the word out to them and let them know what we’re doing as a club.”

Armstrong has also created an email list of the group’s members to help promote events across multiple channels. He’s pondering a website, too.

“There are other ways to reach dads than on Facebook,” he said.

The club hosts happy hour on the first Thursday of each month at a local Ridgefield establishment. This month’s happy hour will take place tonight — Thursday, June 7 — at 7 p.m. at Tigers’ Den. For more information, email Armstrong at ridgefieldfathersclub@gmail.com.