Ridgefield EMTs leave big tip for little business

On a chilly Saturday afternoon on New Street, 9-year-old Owen Christensen officially opened for business with his newly constructed cardboard box hot chocolate stand. The business, which offers hot chocolate with a choice of either whipped cream or marshmallows, was conceived and designed by young Mr. Christensen, and is supported by his father as assistant and his mother as master brewer. It was a slow traffic day on this particular Saturday afternoon, but the business still managed to attract a few customers. Just before it seemed it might be a good idea to close shop for the day, Jack Bonner and Tim Limbos from the Ridgefield Fire Department stopped by. The two EMTs were the last customers of the day and shook hands with Owen and wished him good luck. They also left a 667% tip for the two 75-cent drinks, which pushed the profit margin (which will go toward Owen’s own computer) over the goal for the day. The shop is on New Street, between Pound Street and Route 116. Members of the Ridgefield fire or police department are now offered hot chocolate free of charge.