Ridgefield CBD shop to open on Main Street

The Pharm Stand in Armonk, N.Y. The store's owner, Chris Singleton, will be opening a Ridgefield CBD shop this summer.
The Pharm Stand in Armonk, N.Y. The store's owner, Chris Singleton, will be opening a Ridgefield CBD shop this summer.

This isn’t weed.
A shop specializing in cannabidiol (CBD) products is slated to open at 470 Main Street.
Co-owner Chris Singleton confirmed he plans to open a second location of The Pharm Stand, the CBD shop he opened four months ago in Armonk, NY. 
“We’re working on hopefully expanding to Ridgefield,” he said.
According to Singleton, the business still needs a lease for the storefront — the former Rockwell Art and Framing location on Main Street. 
He said that the Armonk store has been well received. 
“The community’s loving the product and loving the education aspect,” he said.
He said the Ridgefield CBD store will likely open in late August or early September — it all depends on when the lease is signed.
So what is it?
CBD is an active ingredient derived from hemp, a strain of the cannabis family that contains only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the ingredient that gets marijuana users high. 
“Marijuana has high levels of THC, low levels of CBD, hemp has high levels of CBD, low levels of THC,” Singleton explained. 
All of his products are derived from hemp, not marijuana. 
“There’s no getting high, none of that,” he said.
Medical studies suggest CBD can be used to treat epileptic seizures in children. The FDA approved the first drug containing CBD to treat two forms of childhood epilepsy in June last year. Users also describe its effectiveness in reducing anxiety, and managing pain.
Singleton said his shop includes everything from tinctures of CBD oil that users place under their tongue with an eye-dropper, to pet products. 
Farmers in the United States were barred from growing hemp due to its affiliation with its psychoactive cousin. 
That changed with the passage of the federal farm bill last year, which allows farmers to grow, process, and sell hemp products across state lines. “That’s what really opened it up a little more,” said Singleton. Since then, retailers ranging from groceries stores to CVS have said they would begin selling products containing CBD oil. 
Singleton sources his products from two organic farms in Vermont, as well as producers who use organic hemp in Colorado, Oregon, and Hudson Valley, NY.
‘Looking for relief’
The storefront will not require major renovations — mostly electrical wiring for lights and building shelving, he said.
Singleton said customers at his New York store often ask whether he would expand his shop into a dispensary if the state legalized recreational marijuana. 
“Unequivocally, no,” he said, adding that marijuana dispensaries deal with a “totally different customer base.”
“[My customers] are looking for relief … they’re not looking to get high,” Singleton said.