Rid Litter Days: Ridgefielders will clean up roads, neighborhoods

The roadside leavings of another long winter will get their spring cleaning this weekend with Saturday and Sunday, April 27 and 28, designated as the Ridgefield’s Rid Litter Days. Volunteers will be out picking up trash.
People are being asked by the sponsoring organizations — the Caudatowa Garden Club, the Chamber of Commerce and the town — to go out in their neighborhoods, on the streets near their homes, to pick up bottles, cans, papers, cigarette butts — whatever’s out there sullying the roadsides.
“Rid Litter Days are at the end of Earth Week,” said organizer Barbara Hartman. “Let’s all do our part in caring for the Earth by picking up litter that is not only unsightly, but can pollute our water and hurt animals (chewing gum destroys feathers, glass cuts feet, plastic strangles and gets caught in stomachs). If everyone helped for 15 minutes, what a difference it would make!”
Refuse bags and safety vests can be picked up ahead of time at the Parks and Recreation Center off Danbury Road, Town Hall on Main Street, or the Chamber of Commerce office at 13 Grove Street.
After people have finished cleaning up, they may deposit filled refuse bags at five designated drop-off points around town:
Farmingville Elementary School, 324 Farmingville Road;
East Ridge Middle School, 10 East Ridge Road;
Ridgefield High School, 700 North Salem Road;
Branchville Elementary School, 40 Florida Road;
The Parks and Recreation auxiliary parking lot off Danbury Road near the pedestrian bridge.
“Extreme care should be taken and safety vests should be worn if picking up litter along a busy road,” Hartman said. “And we are picking up litter — not cleaning out garages, please!”
Hartman asked people to remember to bring gloves to wear when they head out, and to return any safety vests that they’ve borrowed from the organizers.
And if people want to help out, but will be busy with other plans on April 27 and 28, they can always do some picking up at their convenience and just put litter in with their own household trash to be disposed.
For more information or if questions, call Hartman at 203-438-3844, or email barbara-hartman@sbcglobal.net.
“Please do your part in keeping our Town beautiful,” say fliers for the event. “Pick up litter in your neighborhoods or anywhere you see it! Encourage family, friends and neighbors to help.”