Rep. Frey sworn in to eleventh term

State Rep. John Frey (R-111) took the oath of office with the new General Assembly and Constitutional Officers at the State Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 9. Representative Frey is the longest serving legislator from Ridgefield and the longest tenured Republican in Fairfield County.  

Accompanying Rep. Frey were Ridgefield High School students Miles Tullo and Alec Pool, who will be doing their senior internships later this spring at the State Capitol.

In addition, Rep. Frey was appointed to serve on the legislature’s House Committee, Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, Banking Committee, Housing Committee and Legislative Management Committee on Tuesday, December 18th. In addition to these assignments, Rep. Frey will continue in his role as a Senior Whip for the House Minority Caucus.

The new assignments took effect on Jan. 9 at the start of the new legislative term.

“I’m honored to continue serving on the finance, banking and legislative management committees and I look forward to my new role on the Housing Committee,” said Rep. Frey. “I served previously for two terms on this committee, and after a term away I asked to be reassigned to this committee” Frey said.   

“This appointment is especially important for our community, serving on the Housing Committee as our 8-30g affordable housing moratorium expired and I see this type of development a potential threat to Ridgefield and other municipalities.  I will make sure that Ridgefield has a voice on issues surrounding development and affordable housing programs and plan on introducing several bills pertaining to limiting this type of development.”

Rep. Frey will also continue to serve on the influential Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee which is primarily responsible for taxation, capital bonding, tolls and fees. The committee also has cognizance over all matters relating to the Department of Revenue Services and the revenue aspects of the Division of Special Revenue.

Additionally, Rep. Frey will serve on the Banking Committee which oversees all matters relating to the Department of Banking, and banks, savings banks, bank and trust companies, savings and loan associations, credit unions, the supervision of the sale of securities, fraternal benefit societies and secured and unsecured lending.

The legislative session adjourns on June 5.