Remington Road, Mimosa Circle draw police commission’s eyes

Watch out, Ridgefield speeders.

Police are on the lookout, specifically in the area of Remington Road and Mimosa Circle, for residents driving well above the posted speed limit.

The issue was brought up at the June 8 Police Commission meeting, where commissioners discussed the two streets’ “bad reputation” for fast drivers.

According to police, residents of both areas have contacted the police numerous times because of excessive speeding.

To combat the problem, Police Chief John Roche has increased enforcement in the area with squad cars being sent out during the day to patrol the roads.

Speed bump?

Bennett’s Farm Road also drew the commission’s attention earlier this month.

Residents have requested a speed bump be added because of dangerous speeding.

Speed bumps are not allowed on town roads, the commission said, but the area will be studied to see if additional enforcement is needed.

Main Street

The northern part of town wasn’t the only section under the microscope at the June 8 meeting.

The commission said that it has received requests for a traffic guard on Main Street, near the dance conservatory, after three girls were almost hit by a car when trying to cross the street June 2.