Recycling center: No more Styrofoam

Consider this a warning notice: Don’t take Styrofoam to the recycling center on South Street — it will be rejected.

That’s the reality under the town’s new Wrap Recycling Action Program (WRAP) that does not accept any kind of Styrofoam.

“It’s just really not eco-friendly,” said Housatonic Resource Recovery Authority (HRRA) task force representative Ellen Rossini.

“And it’s a nightmare to deal with because it isn’t.”

WRAP, which was enacted three weeks ago at the center, is in charge of plastic bag and overwrap collection.

“The reason we’re not taking the Styrofoam is because the WRAP program is strictly plastic, and they’re very strict about what the loads contain,” said Rossini.

She also said that the state of Connecticut has set a deadline — 2024 — when all of the town’s garbage must be at least 60% recyclable, and Styrofoam is not.

Rossini said that in recent weeks this has been a problem for residents who don’t know where to dispose of their Styrofoam, which could be in the form of packaging peanuts or even takeout containers.

“I don’t know what the solution is as far as Styrofoam,” she said. “I try not to buy anything that has Styrofoam in it.”