Radio upgrade pushed back to June

Completion of the town’s public radio system update, which was estimated to be done in April, has been pushed back to possibly June.

Dick Aarons told The Press last week that the last stage of the project — strengthening the foundation at Moses Mountain — is taking longer than anticipated. AT&T is the company working on its completion.

The $3.7-million project started in 2012, and was expected to be operational by April 1.

“I’m told that they’re [AT&T] waiting for some galvanized structural steel, and as soon as it’s delivered,” Aarons said, “their crews will be working on completing the job — I’m guessing by the third week of April.”

Once construction on Moses Mountain is complete, Aarons’s team will place a shelter for the radio equipment at the tower location.

“The new time is probably like June,” said Aarons.

But he said that a good part of the system is already up and running.

“With the exception of the fire department, all departments are using the new radios,” he said.

The radios are being used in analog mode, but will be switched to digital once the full scope of the project is complete.

Moses Mountain is a critical location because it is a relay point for the radio frequency signals that allow for digital radio communications.

Aarons said the system will guarantee all public safety responders 95% communication from any house in Ridgefield through their portable radios.