ROARings: Leg warmer, heart warmer

A ROAR Shelter staff described one of our newest residents as “a dog with a heart of gold” and “this year’s best new leg warmer.”

Meet Jethro, a super sweet 2-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) mix who came here from Mississippi with his brother Hank.  

GSPs are described as stylish and regal. Our Jethro is “pleasantly plump” and very handsome. The GSPs excel as family companions. Jethro loves being with people. He could be a good friend to children or a buddy to an avid jogger or hiker. He loves the company of other dogs in all sizes. Given enough exercise, Jethro will make an excellent house dog. And he loves to please, especially if rewarded with praise, play or treats.

Smart, friendly and highly trainable, with people-loving personalities, GSPs can become nervous if left alone for long periods. Whether out or in, GSPs want to be where their families are. And while they might bark at strangers, they are not aggressive by nature.     

Lastly, the GSP’s smooth, short coat is easy to groom and doesn’t shed excessively.

With winter right around the corner, who wouldn’t want to have a heart-warming, snuggly dog like Jethro to cuddle with on a cold night?

Jethro is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and neutered. His adoption fee is $350.

The ROAR Donofrio Family Animal Shelter is located at 45 South Street, with adoption hours Thursday through Monday. Go to to learn more about Jethro and all the wonderful dogs and cats available at ROAR.