RHS students petition against school chef

Students at Ridgefield High School are protesting new cafeteria chef Matt McPartland.

Student Jim Green has started a petition on change.org asking to remove the chef from his position.

"Too long has Chef Matt poisoned the atmosphere of our lunchroom," Green wrote in the petition. "He doesn't treat the people very friendly. Matt is always snappy, and doesn't know how to run the cafeteria.

Green also claimed that prices are too high in the RHS cafeteria for students.

“Two breadsticks with cheese inside is $4.50,” Green wrote. “I can go to Tony’s Corner Deli and get a sausage egg and cheese (that are fantastic) for $2.99.”

"Stop charging fascist prices per oz. I saw some kid who thought the pasta was a flat rate.. he was charged $13.00...."

The petition has received 93 signatures — and counting — as of 12:15 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 23.

Olivier Crosby, the district's director of dining services, did respond to a Press inquiry Thursday morning.

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