Five Ridgefield High School personal finance students placed in the top 50 out of over 20,000 students competing in the national Budget Challenge sponsored by H&R Block.  

Those students are: Amy Smart (14th place); Bobby Arent (21st place); Stephanie Coraci (29th place); RJ Carey (31st place); and Ray Dearth (41st place)

RHS finance classes this fall had the most students finishing in the top 50 to date with all five of these students placing in the 99.95 percentile.  

Additionally, both fall semester personal finance classes had the best class performances to date, with each class finishing in the top 5% nationally.

The H&R Block Budget Challenge is an online simulation tool that replicates real-world budgeting and personal finance decision-making. By simulating an adult’s financial life — paying bills, investing in retirement, managing loans and more — students take a personal finance “road test.”