The Prospector Theater received the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce's "Compassion in Commerce" award at the annal State of the Town meeting Friday, March 15.

The Prospector's victory was represented in a sparkly, pink trophy that will look right at home at the theater.

The Chamber ceremony was held at Silver Spring Country Club, and began with new Executive Director Kim Bova talking about the newly-elected Board of Directors. Bova followed that with an introduction to the new annual award, "Compassion in Commerce," which recognizes businesses who lead with inclusion, empathy, and high standards of excellence.

"Once we came up with this award, it took us a nanosecond to decide which business would be the winner," explained Bova.

Valerie Jensen, founder of The Prospector Theater, talked to the crowd about the theater's mission.

She continued to encourage the group to visit The Prospector and watch their team work together, explaining that recognizing the simple accommodations the Prospects make for one another help the theater sparkle.

"Compassion is not a nice thing for businesses to do. Compassion adds value to a business and the workforce," Jensen said.