Prime Taco wants community input on restaurant logo

Nothing like a voting contest to pique customer interest.

Before Ridgefielders bite into tacos and quesadillas at Prime Taco this summer, they will get a chance to select the new restaurant's logo.

Hungry opinions, welcome.

The owners behind the business unveiled five images Tuesday, May 16, in hopes that the community could help "in refining and selecting the logo."

"Our customers have always been a great resource of ideas and inspiration," said co-owner Bob Sperry. "We are giving people an opportunity to help design and select Prime Taco's logo."

Sperry, who co-owns the business with Ed Bistany and Anthony Valente, said that the search for the new design has "something in it for everyone"

"The owners will get valuable feedback on the brands logo," he said.

And what about the eaters?

They'll get a $10 gift card to Prime Taco  for their participation in the eight-question survey.

Not a bad deal.

The questionnaire has to be completed by Saturday at midnight, Sperry said.

Customers are asked to rank their logos from one to five, with five being their most favorite. Each logo has to have a specific number ranking — one through five.

The link can be found by clicking here or copying and pasting this address into your search bar: