Prevention Council, Scotts Ridge to host Dr. Matt Bellace

Dr. Matt Bellace, motivational speaker and comedian with a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology, will meet with Scotts Ridge eighth graders Monday, April 2 in an assembly geared towards making the right choices — not only with substances but in life. He promotes the pursuit of “natural highs” experienced through exercise, healthy activities and other individual passions. He speaks to over 100,000 adults, middle, high school and college students annually and according to many of them, his impact is profound and long-lasting.

Additionally, Matt will be hosting a presentation for parents in the evening of April 2 from 7-8 p.m. in the SRMS auditorium. The goal of his parent workshop is to “help improve the quality of life for both parents and their teens” by offering techniques to establish and maintain an argument-free supportive environment which focuses on the development of “self-control, grit and resilience .”

More information about Dr. Bellace and his programs can be found on his website:

Dr. Bellace’s visit to Ridgefield is generously sponsored by The Ridgefield Prevention Council.