Press building to be closed through the month of August

Due to safety concerns during ongoing construction on the first floor of The Ridgefield Press office on Bailey Avenue, the HAN Network is closing the building through the month of August to employees and customers.

HAN employees and Press staff will be working from various, temporary locations, including 22 Catoonah Street — the site of Work the Ridge.

Mail and deliveries are being rerouted. More information will be forthcoming.

Public can place ads, drop off editorial material, and pick up papers at 22 Catoonah Street.

No one is to enter the Bailey Avenue building through the front door, even if it is unlocked. The Press will update its customers and readers when it’s OK to re-enter the building.

There are several notices posted on front window of office to alert the public that the office is closed and direct them to 22 Catoonah Street.

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