Police search puts RHS on lockdown; suspect in custody

Police detained a 22-year-old man outside of a Craigmoor Road home at 2:11 p.m. following a hour-long search in the woods near Ridgefield High School.

RHS students were being asked to stay in the building as police searched for the suspect, who has been arrested several times in New York.

The department's K9 officer was searching the woods behind Tiger Hollow, near Ridgebury Road.

Officers also searched near Richardson Park.

"Due to police activity in the area the RPD has directed us to stay in the building," RHS said in announcement to parents sent out after 2 p.m. "That means you can continue to have normal movement within the building. No classes can go outside and no students with early dismissal or open campus are permitted to leave the building at this time. We will provide an update prior to dismissal. Please know we are safe and secure in the building. Police are just asking us to stay in the building."

Shortly after the email was sent out, police arrested the suspect.