Police report stolen cars on Farmingville and Limekiln

Ridgefield police have reported that two cars were stolen from residences on Farmingville Road and Limekiln Road Sunday night or early Monday morning.

According to a press release Monday, April 2, two other cars in the area were broken into and rummaged through that night.

Police advised residents to lock their vehicles, remove all valuables from inside the car, and report any suspicious activity to the police as soon as possible, in a post shared on the department’s Facebook page. The report did not say whether anything was taken from the two cars that were broken into. Police did not respond to a request for comment on the stolen cars by Press time Wednesday.

The two stolen cars mark the first car thefts of this year. Sixteen cars were reported stolen by The Press in 2017, many of them taken from residential driveways with the keys left inside the car.

While police did not say whether they had any leads on the two cars stolen Sunday night, the thefts fit the pattern of a group of thieves based in Waterbury, who target unlocked cars in affluent communities with keys and other valuables left inside. Asked about the rise in car thefts last November, police Capt. Jeff Kreitz said the group often uses the cars to commit other crimes — typically credit card fraud.