Police remind residents to vaccinate, license dogs

Ridgefield police are reminding residents to have any dog over the age of 6 months vaccinated for rabies and licensed at the town clerk’s office.

“This enables lost dogs to be traced back to the owner and vaccination to be verified in case of bites,” the department said in a post on its official Facebook page. Many residents have not licensed their dog from 2017, the post said.

License renewals must be completed in the month of June, and are valid from July 1 through June 30.

According to the town website, the fee for licensing a neutered male dog or spayed female dog is $8, while for unfixed male and female dogs it is $19. Licensing a dog late results in a fee of $1 per dog per month.

Call Animal Control Officer Zulkeski at 203-431-2711 with any questions.