Police on new scams: Never provide information

Residents have been reporting several scams — via e-mail and phone — to the Ridgefield Police Department.

“They’re all the same, they all want to get your personal information,” Capt. Jeff Kreitz told The Press.

Among them are people claiming to be from credit card companies, Eversource, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security.

“The number one thing that people can do if they’re contacted by any of these organizations or companies is just to hang up the phone.”

Kreitz said that no one should ever give out any personal information over the phone, unless the individual was the one to reach out to the organization in the first place.

“Say your credit card company calls,” he said, “hang up the phone, get your credit card out of your wallet, look at the back of the card, and call that number.”

He said that the department receives calls about scams on a regular basis.

“If there’s any questions, contact us — or if anyone’s unsure about a possible scam, call us right away and ask us.”