Police log: Man threatens woman with weapon after verbal dispute

The following reports were written by The Ridgefield Police Department between Tuesday, April 25, and Sunday, April 30: 

Breach of peace

A Danbury man was arrested for breaching the peace on Danbury Road at 7:38 a.m. Thursday, April 27.

Carl Sayers, 72, threatened to use a weapon against another individual during a verbal dispute caused by a prior road rage incident.

He was released that same day with a promise to appear in court.

Tuesday, April 25

1:10 a.m.: Narcotics, Branchville Road; 11:46: Identity theft, headquarters; 1:16 p.m.: Vehicle complaint, Market Street; 2:36: Suspicious vehicle, Ethan Allen Highway; 3:24: Misconduct, headquarters; 4:26: Fraud, headquarters; 5:26: Identity theft, headquarters; 5:58: Concerned person, Soundview Road; 7:22: Animal-related matter; 9:10: Identity theft, headquarters; 10:16: Vehicle complaint, headquarters

Wednesday, April 26

9:29 a.m.: Damage to vehicle, Lakeside Drive; 11:26 General complaint, Branchville Road; 1:00 p.m.: Vehicle complaint, South Olmstead Lane; 2:23: Animal-related matter, Barlow Mountain Road; 6:09: Accident, Danbury Road

Thursday, April 27

5:40 a.m.: Animal-related matter, Ethan Allen Highway; 7:38: Frightened person, Danbury Road; 7:46: Frightened person, Danbury Road; 10:35: Accident, Danbury Road; 11:49: Concerned person, Ethan Allen Highway; 3:05 p.m.: Accident, headquarters; 4:56: Disabled vehicle, Ridgebury Road; 5:10: Vehicle complaint, Danbury Road; 6:00: Suspicious vehicle, Remington Road; 10:56: Suspicious vehicle, Barrack Hill Road

Friday, April 28

4:22 a.m.: Accident, Main Street; 9:47: Animal-related matter, Seth Low Mountain Road; 12:09 p.m.: Concerned person, headquarters; 3:03: Accident, Danbury Road; 3:04: Concerned person, Green Street; 5:06: Animal-related matter, Main Street; 5:33: Larceny, Nod Road; 8:27: Accident, Saw Mill Hill Road

Saturday, April 29

5:54 a.m.: General complaint, Sixth Lane; 1:49 p.m.: Concerned person, Shadow Lake Road; 3:03: Accident, Ridgebury Road; 6:22: Concerned person, South Street

Sunday, April 30

2:31 a.m.: Disabled vehicle, Island Hill Avenue; 6:10: Concerned person, headquarters; 10:39: Disabled vehicle, Nod Road