An ice cream truck operator and a mobile pizza vendor won license renewals May 8 from the Board of Selectmen.
Enver Ceylan got a renewal of his vendor’s permit to operate the Circusman ice cream truck in town, and Junio Figueira got an approval for the Tivoli Pizza Truck’s operations.
Figueira said he’d been selling pizza from his truck in town for five years. He expects to open a restaurant in town later this year, and said he’s in the process of renovating the former Subway storefront near the intersection of Route 7 and Route 35.
“That’s a good story,” said Selectman Steve Zemo. “You go from food truck to bricks and mortar.”
Figueira’s application describes the goods he plans to sell from the truck as wood-fired pizza, salads and bottled beverages.
Got to keep moving
Ceylan has been selling ice cream from the Circusman truck for 12 years now in town.
First Selectman Marconi went through the main restrictions of the town’s mobile food vendor regulations with Ceylan, who was accompanied at the meeting by his daughter.
“You can’t stay more than 15 minutes in one spot,” Marconi said. “You have to keep moving around town.”
The goods Ceylan sells from the truck are listed as “packaged ice cream bars, canned soda, bottled water.”
Zemo said he feels the food truck operators generally understand why the town requires them to keep moving, and limits their ability to set up in a location and sell food there all day.
“They realize the ordinance has a reason,” Zemo said. “It does protect small investors and small business people.”