Paving work brings delays on Old Branchville Road

Paving work on Old Branchville Road ran until about 7 p.m. Thursday and it likely to run late again today, Friday, Aug. 4, according to Ridgefield Director of Public Works Peter Hill.

The highway department and its contractor, Tilcon, didn’t experience particular problems, he said, it’s just that paving the road means reducing it to one lane in places, which delays traffic.

“They worked late, they were paving the road,” Hill said when asked about complaints of delays.

“Everything went as normal. They’ve paving today, and they’ll probably work late tonight, too.

“We’re trying to get it done,” he said Friday afternoon. “They were supposed to work tomorrow, now with the heavy rains they canceled.

“I’m hoping they’ll finish it tonight. They might have to come back there Monday. I know they plan on working late.”

Repair and paving roads inevitably means delays and some rerouting, he said. If the works is going to be done, people simply need patience.

“We’ve got signs up ‘No through traffic’ but anybody who lives on that road will surely get to their home,” Hill said.

After Old Branchville Road is finished, plans call for Tilcon to move on and repave Pilgrim Hill Road.