Parents opposed to transfer of special education teacher

A beloved special education teacher at Veterans Park is being transferred to Branchville — and parents have something to say about it.

“I’m here today to talk to the board about Mary Tracey. She’s one of the brightest lights that has ever entered into our family’s life,” VP parent Megan Holbert said at Monday’s board meeting.

“She has taken a child — we were unsure how she was going to fit — and given here the confidence to shine in that school,” Holbert said. “I would please ask that you reconsider moving her to a different location.”

A petition on has garnered over 200 signatures in favor of keeping Tracey at VP.

“Clearly, with over 220 signatures, this transcends special education and it is hard to envision a rational where the benefit would outweigh such a monumental cost,” said parent Alycia Dadd in an email to the board.

Superintendent Karen Baldwin said the move was part of several strategic changes to improve special education across the district.

“The district needs to seize an opportunity to capitalize on Mrs. Tracey’s skills and background and leverage her talents at Branchville,” she told The Press Tuesday, June 13.

Dadd’s daughter, Sophia, a student at VP, also spoke at the meeting Monday.

“Mrs. Tracey means the world to me,” she said. “She has helped with my handwriting and a lot more — she has got me through the hardest times.”