Nod Hill Brewery seeks food truck

Nod Hill Brewery wants to have a food truck outside of its Route 7 business.

In a letter to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Nod Hill’s attorney Bob Jewell said that the brewery had been approached by a food truck owner about selling food on site.

“Food vendors are typically approved by the Board of Selectmen,” Jewell wrote, “but even so, a revision of the special permit for the brewery would be required.”

“To complicate matters, it appears the Board of Selectmen has ‘denied’ my client’s inquiry and seems to have directed us to this commission.”

Jewell then asked that the commission discuss allowing Nod Hill to park a food truck on site as an “accessory use” for the business.

Robert Kaye, Nod Hill’s director and owner, confirmed that the business was looking into the having a food truck on site. He said they still plan to open in middle-to-late October.