Ninjas, superheroes and vampires: Ridgefielders show off Halloween costumes (SLIDESHOW)

The Press received more than a dozen emails Tuesday night from residents showing off their Halloween costumes.

Despite multi-day power outages in town, the community rallied to celebrate the spooky-themed holiday in splendid fashion.

Crowds of people were spotted outside of the community center, Keeler Tavern, and 250 Main Street, where they collected candy and other mystery items.

"I got a rock," said Bob Liu on The Press' Instagram after visiting the house at 250 Main Street.

Young trick or treaters flooded Main Street around 5 p.m. Tuesday night, and traveled along other roads in the downtown area.

"We closed up shop around 7:15," said Suzie Fox, who lives on Catoonah Street and counts the number of young visitors.

She said about 180 young Ridgefielders turned up at her door this year.

"We got very generous with the candy toward the end."