New fire lieutenant is Patrick Holland

Patrick Holland
Patrick Holland

There’s new brass shining in the fire department.

Patrick Holland has been promoted to become the fire department’s newest lieutenant, filling a position opened up a few weeks ago when Tony Cerulli was made a captain.

Hollard was one of two firefighters interviewed for the promotion in an executive session of the Board of Selectmen on Dec. 12.

And echoing the evening of Cerulli’s promotion, the selectmen made clear they felt both candidates — Holland and Ryan Eckhoff — were deserving of advancement.

“I’ll be happy to make a motion. As with the captain, we have two incredibly qualified candidates,” said Selectwoman Barbara Manners.

“I can’t get over the depth of quality in this town — at so many levels,” Manners said. “We are so privileged. This town brings out the best in people...

“I’m going to nominate Patrick Holland for lieutenant,” she said.

Selectman Steve Zemo seconded Manners’ motion. The vote was 5-to-0.

“I’d just like to add both you gentlemen serving our community make us proud,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said.

“Ryan, you clearly — everything was spot on, you have a tremendous future in our department.

“Patrick, I want to thank you for the length of your service,” Marconi said. “Congratulations, Patrick. And Ryan, congratulations to you.”

“We expect to see you next time,” Selectwoman Manners added.

The two firefighters shared a congratulatory embrace as they both left the meeting.