NCL Class of 2019 seniors recognized, donate to Necessities

NCL Nutmeg seniors with Maureen Lutz of Necessities
NCL Nutmeg seniors with Maureen Lutz of Necessities

The mothers and daughters of the Nutmeg Chapter of the National Charity League celebrated their Senior Recognition Event for this year’s graduating class at a luncheon at Bernard’s Restaurant on April 7. Joining them was Necessities founder Maureen Lutz.
The event, organized by co-chairs Sonia Girolamo and Michelle Porter, saluted the six years of mother and daughter community service.
“It was a really nice culmination of our experiences and final time for bonding as a class,” said Becca Cohen, a RHS senior.
Following the appetizer and entree, Maureen Lutz, the founder of Necessities, joined the group for dessert and coffee; unbeknownst to Lutz, however, the girls were waiting to give her a generous monetary donation to her organization.
Necessities was created for mastectomy patients by a breast cancer survivor; the bags created contain practical information and post-op supplies for wound care, personal comfort, and hygiene.
After introducing Lutz to the room, Sydney Girolamo presented Lutz with a check for $2,000. Thanking the girls, Lutz told some stories of breast cancer survivors and how they have influenced her to keep helping other patients.
NCL Senior parent, Carolyn Parker later shared, “I can’t even begin to express how touching it was to have Maureen Lutz of Necessities join us for desert, to see her joy at receiving the unexpected generous donation, and to hear her dispense her words of wisdom and advice to the girls.”
“I wish you all the best of luck next year,” said Lutz.
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