‘My Teacher Rocks’: Spanish professor wins contest’s top prize

Harley Zins, Daniela Silvestri and Dr. Blaine Langberg.
Harley Zins, Daniela Silvestri and Dr. Blaine Langberg.

Ridgefield High School Spanish teacher Daniela Silvestri was in for a surprise the morning of Wednesday, June 12, when called into the office to “speak” to Principal Stacy Gross.
Instead, Ridgefield Orthodontist Dr. Blaine Langberg, along with school administrators, greeted Silvestri and awarded her a $250 prize for winning his office’s “My Teacher Rocks” contest.
“The contest was held during Teacher Appreciation Month to bring awareness to the hard work teachers do daily, and to thank them for the huge impact they make on our children and communities,” said Langberg.
The winning entry, submitted by her ninth grade student Harley Zins, explained that Silvestri is “not only a fantastic Spanish teacher who bring interactive fun and learning into the classroom, but she also cares about the overall well-being of her students.”
Dr. Langberg and his team were inspired by Harley’s essay,
“It was heartwarming and impressive to read how Sra. Silvestri takes the time to gain the trust and admiration of her students.”
The Ridgefield orthodontic office received contest entries ranging from first graders through high schoolers. Students praised their teachers’ hard work, patience, innovation, and kindness. Dr. Langberg was so moved by the many glowing tributes that he received from students in the area that he presented “honorable mention” prizes to four additional teachers/students: Jenn Gallo/Keira LiCursi (St. Mary’s School); Farah Borges/Lily Sidovar (SRMS); Jennifer Armas/Ryder Broderick (BES); and Ashlie Miller/Adam Robson (BMES).
Honorable mention prizes consisted of a $50 prize for each teacher, and a $10 gift card to Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe for each student.