Aimee Berger-Girvalo, Democratic candidate for state representative for the 111th District, has been endorsed by Senator Chris Murphy and Congressman Jim Himes.

In his endorsement, Sen. Murphy said that the stakes are high in this election.

“One of the great silver linings is that we have awesome new people running for office,” he said.

Murphy highlighted Berger-Girvalo’s local civic engagement and work with children with disabilities in Ridgefield, and her organizational involvement in the Women’s March and the March for Our Lives.

“As someone who served in the state legislature, I know how much it matters to have people who are grounded in what matters in their town…rather than having folks in Hartford who care more about national politics than care about what’s happening here locally.”

Congressman Himes said Berger-Girvalo will "go to Harford to fight for issues that we didn’t think we had to keep fighting for – women’s issues like reproductive rights [and] equal pay and the gun safety regulations that all of us need to keep our children safe.”

Berger-Girvalo said she was honored by the endorsements.

“Senator Murphy and Congressman Himes care deeply about Connecticut," she said. "That they see me as someone who will work to bring real changes to benefit the state and the Town of Ridgefield is very meaningful to me.”

To find out more about Berger-Girvalo, visit the Aimee4Ridgefield website.