Meals on Wheels broadens service, offers special summer deal

Over the past two years, Meals on Wheels of Ridgefield has instituted multiple new initiatives, added six members to its board, and revamped its social media presence to better serve the community with affordable meals.

While Meals on Wheels (MOW) has been essential in serving the elderly and low-income residents for years, the nonprofit aims to broaden its range of clients.

“If you were to poll 100 people and ask if you’re pregnant and on bed rest, should you be ordering from Meals on Wheels? They would be like ‘oh, no,’ but it is!” said Hilary Aronow, MOW’s head of public relations. “It’s a resource for them, too.”

MOW is able to serve a range of residents — from the elderly to residents who have just had serious surgery.

“There is a lack of awareness for this service,” Aronow said, referring to the organization’s ability to help people who are bedridden.

The word is starting to spread around town, according to Dean Miller, MOW of Ridgefield’s president and board chairman.

Miller credits Aronow for increasing the nonprofit’s presence on social media.

“Someone made it, then just kind of left it”, Miller said in reference to the Meals on Wheels Facebook page that was created a few years ago.


Aronow has since taken over the page, and used it to attract more volunteers and clients.

A recent addition to the Meals on Wheels team has been the contributions of a dietitian consultant.

“We have a partnership with Meg Whitbeck,” Aronow said. “She is a registered dietitian at the RVNA (Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association).”

Whitbeck is on the team to ensure that meals are properly proportioned for clients.

“She can look at the menu and say, ‘you know try to add in some more whole grain or cut down on sugar,’” Aronow said.

Summer sign up

To help residents understand the meals that Meals on Wheels provides, there is a special summer offer available. Anyone who signs up prior to Aug. 31, will receive the first two meals free of charge.

“It’s a way for them to, maybe, try us,” Miller said.

Meals on Wheels receives fresh local produce from various shops around town and it is important that the organization’s quality of food maintains the highest standard.

“We want people to understand we aren’t institutional, so were trying to do more tastings around town,” Miller said.

For more information about Meals on Wheels, call 203-438-8788.