Maryland man arrested after hockey fight at Winter Garden Arena

A Frederick, Md., man was charged with disorderly conduct after a fight broke out between two youth hockey teams at the Winter Garden Arena Friday, Oct. 20.

Ridgefield police said Eric Rancourt, 42, was being disruptive throughout the game and got involved with one of the opposing players during the fight.

"Mr. Rancourt reportedly opened the door to the rink and went onto the ice during a fight amongst players," Capt. Jeff Kreitz said. "It was reported that he had allegedly came into contact with some of the players who were on top of each other on the ice."

According to a report, officials asked Rancourt multiple times to leave. The arena was hosting a game between teams from Maryland and Toronto, police said. The players were teenagers. 

Rancourt was released on a written promise to appear in court. He is set to appear before Danbury Superior Court Thursday, Nov. 2.