Mamanasco Road homeowner: Foundation of home is cracked, roof compromised

Wayne Peatt got the call in Florida Tuesday night: A tree had gone through the back of his home on Mamanasco Road.

"I'm not sure how stable the house is," Peatt told The Press Wednesday afternoon from an airport in Florida. He was heading home to the northeast, planning to land in Westchester County Airport later that evening.

"The foundation in the back is cracked, roof is compromised — that's the gist of it," he said. "The tree went right down the middle of the house....It'll probably need to be rebuilt."

Already looking ahead to what it would look like to remove the tree that wrecked havoc on his lakefront home, Peatt said he'd more than likely need a crane to remove it.

"It can't just be lifted off the house by highway crews," he said. "I'll need to have a professional tree guy come in and inspect it; more than likely a big tool, like a crane, to finally get it out of there."

In the short term, Peatt needed to find a place to stay: All the hotels in the Danbury had been booked solid through Saturday evening, he said. The next closest availability was Norwalk.

"There's a lot of people who have evacuated," he said. "I'm going the opposite way, into the fray.

"It's a big problem," he added. "Nobody knows where they're going to go, and how long they'll need to stay there."

As for his house, Peatt said he expects to be on the property Thursday morning, May 17. The first goal is to minimize any rain or water damage.

"All the rain you've been getting up there hasn't helped," he told The Press Wednesday. "I have no idea about water damage. My brother is trying to get the place covered up."

The tree through his roof wasn't the only damage on the property.

"A utility pole snapped in front of my home, in my front yard," he said, "then came the tree through the middle of my house."

There have been at least four Ridgefield homes that have suffered significant damage from Tuesday night's thunderstorms.

"We have a tremendous amount of devastation in the northern part of town with crushed cars, trees on houses and many downed wires," said First Selectman Rudy Marconi.