Little League families building Ridgefield's baseball future brick by brick

As Ridgfield Little League prepares to open a new lighted field on Route 7 in the coming months, dozens of past and present Little League families are leaving their own personalized mark on the project through buying an engraved brick to be displayed at the new field.

Retired Judge Joe Egan, like many others, feels a brick is a way to memorialize the memories.

Egan ended up buying two bricks, one in memory of his brother Tom and a second for himself.

“We always had fun playing Little League and my brother died about 10 years ago, so I really got the brick for him in his memory and I figured what the heck I’ll get one for myself too.”

Judge Egan recalled his own playing days and two different coaching stints.

“It really reminds me of just how small the town was back when we played. You knew everyone in the league” he said. “Then I coached when my kids played and then about 20 years later I came back as an assistant coach when I didn't have any kids on the team. It was was the most fun I’ve ever had.”

Dozens of other Ridgefield families are leaving their mark on the new field as well, including the Gitlin family, whose son is just starting his Little League career and looking forward to one day playing under the lights.

“We bought two bricks, both to support Ridgefield Little League baseball and also as a shout out to our son Zachary who got "baseball fever" last season” said Jonathan Gitlin. “It’s also to support the great coaches that helped him a lot and made it memorable for him, notably Coaches George Brennan and Joe Espinosa. So it's something I think parents can do to support the RLL and also recognize their kids and coaches in a fun way.”

Bricks range in price from $250-$650 and orders must be placed by April 1st to ensure installation in time for the dedication ceremony. Deadline to buy a brick is Monday, April 1.

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