Leslie-Alin Tewes to host 'NICHE Day' seminar Tuesday

On Tuesday, September 12, Danbury Hospital will be hosting NICHE DAY (Nurses in Care of Hospitalized Elderly) to educate and inform about the choices for healthcare as we age. Leslie-Alin Tewes, of Tewes Cares: Aging & Disability Care Management and Advocacy, will be hosting a special seminar “Understanding the Continuum of Care:  From Hospital to Home." The focus of the seminar is to review the post-acute care options and will include Tewes-Tips on how to advocate for yourself and others.  The importance of understanding these post-acute care options is to promote better health outcomes and positive patient/family experiences.

“With a national spotlight shining on the caregiving challenges faced by families, more attention has been paid to the impact our aging population has on our communities and resources,” says Tewes. “The importance of post-acute care in the appropriate setting will help avoid unnecessary emergency department visits and hospital readmissions. Please join is for this day of education and dialogue filled with Tewes-Tips on how to advocate for yourself and others".

Leslie-Alin Tewes has extensive knowledge about the costs, quality and availability of resources related to geriatric and disability care. Other topics to be discussed are advance health care directives, including living wills, health care proxies and DNRs, transitional care, and in home care versus facility living. Leslie will discuss the costs, quality and availability of resources related to geriatric and disability care. 

Tewes is an Aging Life Care Professional serving Connecticut and New York. She focuses her practice on finding the best short- and long-term care based on the unique needs and preferences of her aging and disabled clients. As an Aging Life Care Professional, previously known as Geriatric Care Managers, she is an advanced level member of the Aging Life Care Association® (ALCA) and has met the stringent education, experience, and certification requirements of the organization. She adheres to a strict code of ethics and standards of practice.

With impressive credentials and years of health care experience working with aging adults and those with chronic or traumatic condition, Leslie-Alin Tewes offers the right balance of expertise navigating the continuum of care with compassionate, personalized attention that individuals deserve. As a Medical Social Worker and Director of Patient Advocacy and Discharge Planning in a variety of health care settings, Leslie has effectively guided individuals and their families in challenging times with the goal of the highest standards of health care and quality of life. As a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, she has been a leader in upholding the highest ratings of facility care from the Federal Government’s 5 Star Quality Rating System, the Joint Commission and Consumer Advocacy groups. Tewes honors the importance of caring for the aging population and continues to fervidly advocate for the aging and disabled in CT and NY. 

Contact Leslie-Alin Tewes to arrange a personal meeting or presentation for your group- large or small.  For more information, visit TewesCares.com, email LeslieAlin@TewesCares.com or call (203) 826-9206.