Lane shifting starts at Route 35 bridge

Lane-shifting started at the Route 35 bridge project this week, and may be accompanied by periods of alternating one-way traffic. The first major shift took place between Monday, Jan. 16, and Wednesday, Jan. 18, according to Ryan Wodjenski of the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

Describing the overall plans, Wodjenski said northbound traffic was being transferred to the temporary bridge lane that has been built beside the Fox Hill pond — a shift accomplished Monday. Southbound traffic was to remain in its traditional lane while some repairs are done in the northbound lane, but traffic was then to be shifted into what is now the northbound lane.

With traffic relocated to the northbound lane and the new temporary lane, the DOT and its contractor, Baier Construction, expected to wait for a few days to see how that arrangement is working, and then construction on the actual bridge replacement — “bridge cutting” — would begin in what had been the southbound lane but is now without traffic due to the lane shift.

“Obviously, all activities are weather-permitting,” Wodjenski said.