Kindness Rocks garden unveiled at Branchville Elementary School

In a collaboration with Ridgefield CT Rocks, the local chapter of the worldwide Kindness Rocks project, a garden of rocks now surrounds the flagpole outside of Branchville Elementary School.  

The rocks were painted and placed by students at the annual fifth grade picnic this June.

Rocks were painted for the fifth-grade teachers and special rocks, emphasizing Branchville’s “Choose Kind” mission, were also placed that day.

“We’re really pleased about the new garden here on the Branchville grounds, and with our collaboration with Ridgefield CT Rocks,” said Keith Margolus, principal of Branchville Elementary School. “Having something cultivated by the students is always special, and this garden is especially unique as it beautifully symbolizes our school’s commitment to choosing kind.”

The garden’s growth is already being cultivated. Each year, the fifth grade classes will add to the garden, leaving a legacy rock decorated with their own special message or artwork as a lasting impression on the school grounds. 

“The garden project will hopefully be the first of many Kindness Rocks permanent group installations at Branchville Elementary School, and throughout Ridgefield,” said Quincy Coleman, local artist, art educator, and founder of Ridgefield CT Rocks.

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