Kids’ Art for Healthy Actions Workshop at Ridgefield Guild of Artists

A complimentary art workshop for children of all ages is taking place at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists on Sunday, June 2, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. The Kids’ Art for Healthy Actions (kAHA) Workshop encourages children to express themselves through artwork, particularly as a way to express their feelings and emotions, and is a creation of Self Chec, a pro-active health and disease prevention organization.

“The workshop will connect the important message of staying healthy with art, giving kids an outlet to encourage those they love to take good care of themselves,” commented art teacher, Laura McCormick. The conception of the workshop was founded on the reality that many times, the conversation surrounding the health of parents or loved ones doesn’t happen with children in a household.

In late 2016, Self Chec initiated a social media campaign to encourage communication through children. As a result, Addison Kowatch-North, with encouragement from his mother, embraced the idea of creating artwork that could help keep people around him stay healthy. He submitted 12 drawings to Self Chec in the first week. As a result, the kAHA Workshop was created to continue engaging children who may have frustrated feelings or deep concerns for their parents’ or loved ones’ health; and to help them start a conversation, or nudge loved ones to action.

The Ridgefield Guild of Artists is located at 34 Halpin Lane in Ridgefield, CT. Although the workshop is free, there is a materials fee of $7.50 per child. To sign up, or for more information, please email

Self Chec, a non-profit organization, was created to help protect you and loved ones from dying unnecessarily of cancer, heart disease and other chronic illnesses that are often preventable and treatable through early detection and healthy habits. It emphasizes the importance of proactive prevention, early detection and wellness care to help reduce the likelihood of illness. Find out more at