Keeler Tavern launches ‘Cannonball Challenge’

“It’s our turn to make history!”

That’s the claim the Keeler Tavern Museum and History Center (KTMHC) is making as it continues fund-raising to adapt the brick building at 152 Main Street, originally designed as a memorial library for renowned architect Cass Gilbert’s papers, as the site’s first-ever Visitor Center.

On Friday, April 27 — the 241st anniversary of the Battle of Ridgefield, when British soldiers fired at Keeler Tavern — the museum will discuss fund-raising progress for “Phase 1” while announcing plans for a new “Phase 2” initiative that will raise support for the site’s transformation to a regional history center.

“A cannonball is still embedded in the building’s corner post,” said Angela Liptack, the museum’s associate director.

That history will give way to the Cannonball Challenge, underwritten by a generous local philanthropist, that will allow all residents to support Keeler’s latest capital campaign and “take their shot at making history.”

More information on the Cannonball Challenge will be released April 27. For questions, call 203-438-5485 or email Liptack at