Katz attends zoning meeting following brain surgery

“The man’s determination to never miss a meeting is truly remarkable,” said Planning and Zoning Commission Chairwoman Rebecca Mucchetti.

Forty-plus year veteran commission member John Katz attended the Feb. 20 planning and zoning meeting in his familiar black Western attire and cowboy hat. But when the hat came off, people were quite surprised to see two jagged lines of staples running down his head.

Katz attended the commission meeting shortly after getting out of Yale New Haven Hospital for brain surgery to address a double subdural hematoma (bleeding in the brain).

Asked about going to the meeting, Katz said he wanted to hear firsthand testimony about the Silver Spring Country Club’s proposal to lengthen the season for use of its paddle tennis courts.

He downplayed the head staples.

“It was like three days after I got out of the hospital, as opposed to three days after surgery,” Katz said.

“I guarantee you, there were no heroics involved.”