Judith Pincus, 69, longtime resident

Judith Pincus, a longtime Ridgefield resident, passed away peacefully Tuesday in Redding, Connecticut. She was 69.

Judith and her late second husband, Mark "Jerry" Pincus, were well-known to residents of Olmstead Lane, where their flock of chickens and generosity with fresh eggs were widely known. Before settling in Ridgefield, Jude spent years in New York City working for Interview magazine and modeling.

Jude was born at home in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. Though her birth certificate reads December 15th, family legend has it that this was due to the Great Blizzard of 1947, and that she was a Christmas baby.

She and her first husband, Glenn O'Brien, met in college in Washington, DC, and later moved to New York, where they became involved in the dynamic arts scene of the 1970s. Jude's unmistakable green eyes and sharp sense of style caught the eye of Andy Warhol, and she and Mr. O'Brien became regular fixtures at his Factory. The couple had a son, Terence.

Her second marriage, to Mark Pincus, lasted 31 years, until his death in 2008. Mark and Judith had two children, Joshua and Rebecca, and she worked as a homemaker and was engaged in school activities.

Jude was known for a bright interest in everything she came across. Whether it was setting page layouts for Interview, her travels in Japan in the 1960's, or her life-long interest in Egyptology and Italian cooking, she was always keen to learn, see, and do more. Jude kept her wit and zest for conversation till the last, becoming a favorite of her nurses, as she had long been with her family and friends.

She is survived by three children, Terence, Joshua, and Rebecca, and three stepchildren, Melissa, Stephen, Diane, as well as by five grandchildren-Quentin, Emily, Owen, McMillan, and Eliza.