In this week's Ridgefield Press

Here’s a look at some of the headlines in this week’s Ridgefield Press:

  • St. Mary's church building will remain as Ridgefielders have long know it — for the near future, anyway. Leaders have put aside plans to expand the church. And yes, plans for a new 750-seat building are already in the trash, too.
  • The town's emergency radio system has officially gone digital. A five-year process will be finished by the end of the month with all departments on the same system.
  • Not quite on the same level of police and fire: The town's newly-formed dog poop committee is already making strides looking to rid the downtown area of bad odors — and lazy owners!
  • That's not the only committee that has its hands full this summer. The former Schlumberger property is back in the headlines this week as the selectmen are considering a one-acre purchase from the group that's developing 77 Sunset Lane. It could almost entirely balance out the ledger from when the town spent $7 million on the land five years ago.
  • It's not the only story in The Press this week about town expenditures. A $950,000 project to repair the leaky walls at the rec center could involve multiple contractors. It could also save the town some money if bided out step by step; rather than one lump sum.
  • You'd think there'd a be a summer slowdown following the Fourth of July but that's simply not the case: Politics are back in the news this week as the local Republican and Democratic leaders begin to caucus for November's municipal elections.
  • Tick researchers have found an abundance of the critters out in the woods this spring — a six-year record high, to be brutally honest. And what they're carrying, you don't want!
  • Speaking of not wanting something, Peaceable Street and Old South Salem Road neighbors have banded together to fight a winter club in their neighborhood. Petitions and buttons were the beginning; now, they're aiming to alter the town's zoning regulations. Will the planning commission bend the rules or stand firm? Tune in later this summer.
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