In case of emergency: Georgetown nonprofit creating disaster relief guide

In an emergency, where can one get shelter? Food? Warmth?

Those are the kinds of questions that John Murren, president of Georgetown Village Restoration Inc. (GVRI), plans to answer in a packet he’s creating for all local residents.

Murren plans to name the packet “Resource Guide for Emergencies.”

“We will put together a document that lists all warming and cleanup stations, and places for food, water, generators, fuel, first aid, clothing, and available housing — anything that might happen in a disaster where you wouldn’t be able to make a phone call,” said Murren, owner of Murren-Kane Construction in Georgetown.

The guide will be free of charge and accessible to all.

“This project is in the works right now,” said Murren, a Ridgefield resident. “I plan to complete it within six months.”

According to Murren, the guide will contain a general resource area, then specific information for each town that makes up Georgetown.

“Georgetown is uniquely part of four towns — Redding,  Ridgefield, Weston, and Wilton — so we will go to each one of those towns’ fire and police departments, etc., and ask questions such as, ‘Who should you go to, what do you do, and what happens if there is an accident?’” he said.

Murren added that GVRI’s executive committee will brainstorm to get an agenda together for all the resources that will be needed to create the guide. Members will reach out to both state and local organizations.

One of the sources they plan to contact will be each town’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Once the guide is complete, GVRI will promote it on its website and also share it with local fire and police departments, as well as town halls and tax collectors’ offices.

Murren said the idea for creating a disaster relief guide came about after the recent weeks of incredibly cold weather the area has experienced this winter.

“If pipes freeze or power fails or there is a prolonged problem in town, this kind of information will be very helpful and perhaps save lives,” Murren said.

GVRI is a nonprofit community organization whose primary mission is to develop Georgetown’s commercial district. It was founded in 1999 and has more than 65 members.

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