How many voted in the primaries? Registrar's report 25% turnout

One out of every four registered Ridgefield Republicans voted in yesterday's Gubernatorial primary.

Across the aisle, turnout was pretty much exactly the same with 1,423 out of 5,408 registered Ridgefield Democrats (26.3%) turning out at the polls to support Ned Lamont's bid for state governor.

Lamont won in a landslide in Ridgefield —1,312 votes to Joe Ganim's 97, and he cruised to an easy win across the state.

"I am thrilled with the strong Democratic ticket at every position," said Alex Harris, chairman of the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee Wednesday. "Grassroots energy and enthusiasm is very high, an encouraging sign for the November general election.

As for the turnout, Harris said it was typical of primaries.

"I wish it was higher," he said. "Ridgefield DTC will continue to focus efforts on increasing turnout numbers."

He did see a reason for optimism in Tuesday's numbers.

"A much higher absolute number of registered Democrats voted in Ridgefield compared to the last contested primary, which occurred in 2010," he said. "According to the Secretary of the State website, 1,037 Ridgefield Democrats voted in the Gubernatorial primary in 2010. Last night 1,423 Ridgefield Democrats voted in the primary, an increase of 386 or 37%."

Of the 5,950 registered Republicans in Ridgefield, 1,484 voted in Tuesday's primary — 24.9%.

The top office bid went to Bob Stefanowski, who top four other competitors with 40,597 votes across the state.

In Ridgefield, Republican votes chose Danbury Mark Boughton. He received 691 votes to Stefanowski's 310.